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them over in to portions of texas and also new mexico. the activity is on the southern side of things. that stationary front could shift off towards the north and we could get in on a couple of showers and thunderstorms in to the afternoon. st. mayries, a thunderstorm. virginia or southern pat of the state, be prepared for wet weather. upper 60s itemsville and jessup. humid with the dew points in the 60s. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> good morning, there is a house fire in baltimore city, north of patterson park. it shuts down northlinwood avenue. you want to be sure to use lakewood as your alternate route. 895, the construction continues south of the harbor tunnel. no delays as of yet. stick with the fort mc henry or the key bridge, if u using 95, no delays towards the tunnels or south towards 495, a live look at the west side, baltimore national pike. 11 minutes from 795 down towards 95. if you are planning the wed, the most expensive item is most often the wedding gown. brides maybe able to put away purses and step in to a gown for free. >>> what health
in texas lived next to family with a hive in the wall and it was a dangerous for the man's wife and himself and daughter so a beexpert looked into it for free. >> it will be a little bit but i think this is just a facade for the hell that's going to be here. >> what a great name for a bee company. gotcha. they found a hive 10 feet tall and vacuumed up the bees and they are going to a farmer who can put the bees to good use. >>> at least five structures have gone up in flames sparked by grass fires burning near stillwater oklahoma. it threatened horse farms but at the were released to escape the danger. oklahoma and other parts of the midwest has been plunged into severe drought. temperatures topping 100 degrees. governor declared state of emergency for 77 counties because that extreme heat and dry conditions. >>> could it be another copycat case. >> a student at an ohio school is in serious trouble with the law. what he is accuse of threatening to do. >> the couple who changed their wedding location because of the race now feeling the love within the community. an update to the story we bro
>>> now, good morning maryland at 4:30. >>> the oldest two year college in texas is having major financial troubles and officials recently filed for bankruptcy, now the school has been granted a $750,000 loan to stay open through the summer. the school owes thousands of dollars in overdue utility bills and some of the dorms are in foreclosure. the college plans to open in the fall and they're looking to find a financial partner for the school. sand, sun, sir, these are all things we love about the beach but they can be dangerous for our electronic devices, there's a variety of cases on the market for smart phones to help had make them safe, everything from the water to the sun, to the stand, so consumer reports found that there's a simple plastic bag with a zipper that can seal and provide protection in the hot temperatures and they can also damage the device. >> don't leave it in the car, pay attention to that. 95 degrees to 100 degrees is sort of the max that you should be looking at. >> so if an unprotected device takes a dip in the water, act fast, remove the battery and sim
. >>> a developing story overnight as 11 people are dead following a pickup crash in texas 100 miles southeast of san antonio. all those injured were in the same ford f250. police are not telling us how bad the other people involved are. the case remains under investigation. 11 dead and just south of san antonio. >>> it's expect to be a emotional day in colorado as the man accused of going on a shooting rampage will make an appearance in court. police say james holmes opened fire during the opening of the dark knight rises early friday morning and sherrie johnson is standing by with all new information. it seems like we got all new information throughout the course of the weekend. every ten minutes we learned something different. >> reporter: that's right. this morning, at 11:30, 24-year- old james holmes, the accused shooter, will appear in court for the first time. university of colorado officials were looking into whether he used his position and graduate program to collect hazardous materials. authorities say he has not been cooperating with police. it could take months to learn the motive for th
, texas. those stories and much more on "good morning maryland." >> thank you for joining us. lauren cook is here and lynette charles has a check on the weather. you know such a good mood because of the weather you were singing earlier. >> i'm not in a good mood because of the weather, i'm in a good mood because you're back. >> and you're back and you're back. we're all together again. >> the weather is going to be nice again today. especially if you like lower humidity levels. we're going to fete some sunshine out there too. >> it didn't feel like 90 yesterday. >> it was 90 though. today is going to be a tranquil thursday. dry with a few clouds still out there this morning and that will be the name of the game through today. seasonable temperatures on tap this morning and that will continue into the afternoon and you know i already talked about the less humidity. that we will be seeing for today. now temperatures doing pretty good. 67 degrees right now in easton. good morning to you. good morning boston 65 and glen ole coming in right around 62 degrees. as we look at bel air we we can se
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5